Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 31 & 32 Goodbye at last to Fukuoka

Well, this will be the final day of my residency in Studio Kura, Itoshima. I really enjoyed living here in Fukuoka. The place kept so many beautiful natural places that makes it a really valuable trip for me. I think this has been one of the most wonderful place i have been visit. I'm really thankful for all the things that i have felt, seen, tasted, heard and experienced during my residency program here in Japan.

Hiro's father (again) have generously offer to drive me to the airport. I would like to give special thanks for 3Dsense Media School for choosing me as the residency artist, and also for Hiro-san and his family for being a really wonderful host!

Added 'Terima kasih!'
Gonna miss this place
A farewell gift from me to Hiro-san

My last breakfast at Itoshima
Last look of the Studio Kura

Fukuoka International Airport

Final moments before take off

Though this is my first time to Japan, i'm still wishing this won't be the last for me. Hope i can come back again to Japan, someday.. So until then, Sayonara Fukuoka and Japan! Arigatou Gozaimasuu!

Sayonara Japan!

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