Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 19 & 20 Armor Detaling

After done the leg parts yesterday, today i'm suppose to finish up the head and arms. Since this sculpture is inspired by crow or Karasu, i might just call this project as "Samurai Karasu." Here is the main plot that i made for the "Samurai Karasu";

" The identity of the man behind the Samurai Karasu armor, was secretly hidden. Known as one of the last survived descendant of Samurai warrior, he learned Bushido or Samurai way of life that has been secretly passed down from his ancestors. He was a pilot military engineer that got crash landing accident, but after revived he was being outcast from the society due to his "grotesque" face and "creepy" voice. With his martial art skills and highly powerful machine armor of his creation, he devoted himself to help against any dangerous threat to his country. "

My cooking experiment
Arms with detachable armatures

For the concept design of the armor, i combined pieces of elements that resembles the past (Yoroi samurai armor) and the future (high tech armor suit). For example on top of the Kabuto or helmet, i made a symbolized shape of Mount Fuji. In Kamakura period, Samurai warriors used the base of the Mount Fuji as a remote training area. His Helmet "horns" or Wakidate has a super radar telemetry transmitter that can gather realtime information about his surroundings. The neck guard at the back or Shikoro, consists of solid solar panels that absorbs natural energy from the sun then utilize it to become his secret ultra-power.

The Mount Fuji shape on the Kabuto
Back armor with wings extension at each sides
Back armor, neck guard, and Chest plate armor placed on torso

Working late at night
The major parts of the armor

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