Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 23 & 24 Coloring the Sculpture

After the done with the sculpting now comes the fun part of it, which is the coloring! I have done sculpting before just as a hobby, but this is my first time to sculpt in quite big size clay, and add some colors on it. If we look at crows, the color scheme is just normally dark or black, which i think might not interesting enough to showcase as a sculpture, plus black colors are usually harder to see especially if you put things like many details, which might just end as a waste. I used acrylic paint with combination color of gold, grey, light grey, brown and white. 

Most of the Samurai armors are dominated in bright colors, and they used scary faces because at the time there was no attempt at camouflage; the intention was to frighten, not hide.
The main colors for the Samurai armor are grey and gold, grey is the lighter version color for crows, which is also stands for steel / iron armory. While gold color defines eternity, courage and majesty.

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