Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 25 Assembling the Final Parts

It's almost done! It's looking way much better now, especially after i added more detailed colors and some shiny silver ribbons at the joints to have more mechanical kind of look. As for the finishing touch, i put on some small parts such as armor scales, katana blade, shoulder pads, knee cover, throat guard, utility belt, power converter and beam core, and ankle joints.

I'm ready to hit the spotlight!

Now i left with 3 days before the exhibition. I think i still got time to do extra artworks then i can start to prepare the room for the exhibition. After thinking and consulting around about what kind of artwork that might be interesting to be showcase, i decided to make a Gatotkaca 2D puppet, and a Gunungan taken from Wayang tale, which is a traditional art from Indonesia.

As the day seems starting to get dark outside the studio. Hiro-san suddenly popped out a question to me and Bissan,"do you want to go hot spring or ONCRI Onsen at Furuyu?". Horay..thanks Hiro-san, just about time when i needed a break!

ONCRI onsen

ONCRI onsen is located in the famous Furuyu Hot Spring area of Saga Prefecture, which took about 45 minutes drive from Kura ( believe me it is worth it! ). It has many types of indoor and outdoor hot-spring baths. At indoor, there was an area for us to lie back and water jets can massage your back. On the outside, they have pool with falling water streams and several steam boxes where you relax enjoy the outside view while warming up your body, what an awesome relaxing place!

Three Happy faces

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