Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 28 Presentation day

The awaited day has come, this is going to be my first exhibition and presentation as an artist, i am so thrilled! The exhibition starts at 5 pm, people starting to come one by one to Studio Kura for the exhibition. Before i started the presentation, i gave a little speech about who i am, and i came here as a residency award program from 3Dsense Media School. I explained to the people about what kind of artwork that i will showcase and thank every single one of them for coming and making this exhibition possible. So as i opened the exhibition room door, i invited the audience to come inside and see the exhibition.

My sketches and blueprint

I explained to them about how i begin with research and observation, by looking for reference as many as possible. Before or during collecting resources, we can start do some sketching for the design. After we have enough sketches, i constantly re-draw the designs by combining elements that we liked from the previous sketches. After finalize the design, i made the blueprint in actual scale for more accurate result in size. I recorded all of the processes from the modeling stage, baking, assembling armature and final coloring and project it at the back of the sculpture. 

Presenting about the Samurai Karasu sculpture
After done presenting the Samurai Karasu sculpture, now it comes to Wayang show demonstration with my 2 puppets..this where it's getting fun! 

Demonstrating Gunungan puppet
Actual Wayang show played on the background with my puppets at the front
People starts to come and try play with the puppets
After the exhibition

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