Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 22 Barbeque Night

A foggy day
The weather feels a bit humid today, since it was raining from morning. This afternoon, we had special guests came over to our house, the friendly guests are Manno-san, Ayako-san and Kenji-san. They were very kind to offer us some food. We talked about how wonderful is staying here in Itoshima, unique culture, beaches, countryside landscapes and the lovely people as well. We also shared about our personal interests in arts and previous experiences before coming to Japan.

You can read more about the interview in here :

Manno, Ayako, Kenji and Bissan discussing

After the interview, Hiro-san invited all of us to come to Studio Kura for a barbeque party. Yeayy it's about time just need a mood booster! Though it is raining outside, we still had a great time barbequing and eating together with all friends at Kura. The food is just keep coming endlessly!

Finally the feast was done, had an awesome time today, i'm so full! At last, after recharged my energy now it's time to continue again my Samurai Karasu,, Ganbate

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