Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 17 & 18 Hard days night

Ohaiyou Gozaimasuu..woke up a bit late today, feel so lazy to get up early after last night worked very late. Today i went out with Bissan, my new housemate to get some lunch together. After had Udon for lunch, we stopped by at the market get some groceries for food stocks. The weather outside now seems changing to rainy season, its rarely rained in here and the sun was quite hot.  

At Makino Udon Kukoten with Bissan
Back to studio, i start to continue again my Samurai sculpture. Hiro asked me how many artworks will i showcased later for the presentation, at the moment i only have this Samurai sculpture as my main project. If i managed to finish this sculpture earlier before the deadline, then i will do another artwork maybe one or two more for my presentation.

Second layer for the head part

I try to push the time for the sculpture, since i want to make another artwork for the presentation. I was thinking of doing something that people here haven't really seen before.. maybe i will create something from Indonesian traditional art.  

Poster for my presentation talk

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