Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 30 Exploring Fukuoka City

Good morning! Today is going to be my last chance to travel sightseeing Fukuoka because i will be leaving Japan tomorrow.
I'm going to explore Fukuoka city again, i stop at Ohori-Koen station to see the Ohori park. Ohori park is known as one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan. People loves to come here to relax and jogging. During summer, fireworks festivals are usually held in here.

It's a waste not to sit and watch the comforting view

180 degree view of left side

180 degree view of right side

After walked around Ohori park, i continue my trip with subway towards Tenjin, which is 2 stops away. Tenjin feels a bit like Tokyo where you can find young people wear colorful and fashionable clothes. It's Fukuoka's largest shopping district so if you are a shopping die hard fan, this place will give you the golden ticket. They even got underground shopping arcade where all major shops and department stores connected.

Surprised to find Solaria here in Japan, we also have in Indonesia

Underground shopping arcade
Lunch at Solaria Stage mall
The next place that i wanted to see are Tochoji Shrine and Hakata Traditional Craft Center. It's not that difficult to find Tochoji Shrine since it's is located just behind exit of Gion station. There you can find 11 meter size of Buddha statue, but unfortunately photographs were prohibited.

View outside Gion station

Tochoji Shrine Main Entrance

Pagoda tower

Beautiful garden outside the Shrine
After visited Tochoji, i walked around 15 minutes form there to get to Kushida shrine. Just beside it, there is Hakata Traditional Craft Center where you can see the famous iconic doll from Fukuoka.

Kushida Shrine

Hakata Traditional Craft Center
Hakata Dolls for sale
Hakata Dolls exhibition

Canal City
Yodobashi Store, the biggest place for gadgets
Don't know why but the store layout reminds me of Mustafa Centre haha
After wandered around Tenjin and Hakata, i came across to a place for gadget lovers in Japan called Yodobashi. On the 4th floor while walking around the area, i accidentally found a restaurant called Uobei 'Genki Sushi.' Unlike regular conveyor belt sushi, Uoebi provide touch screen menus (English option available) where you can place orders directly from the kitchen. Moments later, a sign will highlighted and a mini Shinkansen bullet trains plastic trays will bring your sushi and stops right in front of you. Sushi is quite popular in Indonesia as well, the main difference with Japan is we don't put wasabi inside the sushi. With only 105 yen for each item, i can only wish we can one of this kind of sushi restaurant someday!

105 for any item!
It's hard to stop ordering food here

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