Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 15 & 16 Foundation for the mesh and armor

After done with the base mesh yesterday, today i'm going to make base layer for the armor. It's quite difficult to get the actual shape that we want sometimes especially for hard surfaces. The best way to do it you must have a proper tools. Though i have some tools that i brought with me, i went to a DIY store near the studio to look for any other sculpting tools that might be useful.

Add some armor for the leg part

The base mesh has already baked with holes inside them for the wires or in sculpting we usually called it armatures. The armatures goes straight from bottom part of the legs until the upper part of torso. This armature later will play an important part, so it must have a strong base that can support the weight and combine all the separate parts of the sculpture. Since the base mesh later will be covered by layers of armor, i will have to make the parts to fit in with the base and make it detail enough for the audience to see so people will less focus for the joints.

Making the small parts for the armor (left) and the armature (right)

Patterns that i made with regular items

As i sculpt and wait for the clay to baked, i'm experimenting with other tools that i can find around the studio and try it maybe i can get an interesting pattern designs that can save me a lot of time and nice result.

It takes a lot of patience to do this kind of work, because of the scale of the sculpture (which is about 30 cm height) i wanted to have more space to make fine details for the armor. And sometimes the shape is not 100 percent what i wanted (due to baking result) or just doesn't seems to fit with the rest of the parts, so we need to figure out what modification needed, is it the thickness, the shape or maybe the angle, then re-model it and bake it all over again.

Pieces for the outer armor

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