Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 29 Salt factory and "twin rocks" Shrine

Today me, Ayako-san, Chihiro-san and Bissan are going to visit the Salt factory Kobo Tottan and twin rock shrine.
Kobo Tottan is located on land’s edge of the Itoshima Peninsula near Keya Beach. It's quite amazing that fact that they only use sun, wind, and firewood to obtain mineral-rich salt from seawater. Natural sea salt production in Japan is an ancient art form that has been modified for many centuries.

Firewood with seawater

Kobo Tottan
Not far from Kobo Tottan, we went to Keya Beach. It was voted as one of the nation's 100 Best Beaches by Japan's Ministry of Environment.

Keya beach
Crystal clear water

Slurpy Sashimi for lunch
Onsen near the restaurant

Futamigaura is located in Kamiura Town in Saiki. It's actually known as Shinto shrine. Just behind the shrine gate, there are twin rocks that sits nicely in the middle of the water. It has a fantastic sunset view that always attract visitors to come enjoy nice scenery.

Wish granted for those who can land a stone at the middle of the pillar gate

Ayako-san, Chihiro-san and Bissan enjoying the beach sight

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