Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2 Getting around Studio Kura part 1

Had a good sleep last nite, which explains why i slept until 9 AM. After get up, i ate onigiri for breakfast then i went to studio to take shower and check my emails. Earlier, Peter mentioned there is a tasty Ramen Shop nearby our studio. I wanted to take bicycle to the Ramen shop, but unfortunately the bicycle that was parked outside the studio was not working, so i have to wait for Hiro-san ottosan (father) to take it to the bike shop for a repair. 

Dining table inside the house
The kitchen has all utensils that we can use
Rice cooker and some stuff at the kitchen
The stairs to my room

Entrance of the room upstairs

On the left of the entrance is where i sleep

The view from the window beside the stairs
There is another empty room that is connecting

Get a glimpse of breakfast in bed

I diceided to use this room just to put my stuff and luggage

The front view from the window upstairs

Me at the front side of the house that i stayed

Back side of the house
The left one i think is a small workshop, on the middle is the Studio Kura, and at the right is Hiro's parents house 
Some paintings inside the studio

So I decided to walk to the ramen shop nearby the house, which took only about 15 minutes. It was kind of small old type of restaurant, the owner shop however doesn't seems to speak english. I have a "secret weapon" japanese- english phrasefinder with me but i haven't managed to read all of them. With very limited japanese, i can only say "konichiwa, ramen gyoza kudasai." A relief after she nodded her head, then i took a seat waiting for my order. After anxiously wondering how the meal will be, the meal finally come and turned out it was a good choice, it was just awesome! The portion was quite big and just nice for one person, you can even order a bigger one if you are super hungry. It was so tasty that i slurped away the soup until the last drop haha.
The Ramen Shop

Inside the Ramen shop

Danger : Slurping the soup might cause sudden sleepiness :D

Get the taste of the Gyoza
Can't resist to try Goku's Kamehameha
After finished with a nice meal, i continue my walk exploring the surroundings. Turns out there are many shrines located around nearby the studio. It's really good to see something different from the things that you are ussually deal nowdays like buildings, computers, cars, shopping mall, this is just a perfect getaway to retreat yourself from those things. The people in here are very nice and friendly, the pace is slower than what normally feels when we're at the city. 
It was really calm and quiet environment, at noon the weather is a bit hot maybe around 26 - 28 C but the good thing the area is near the beach and mountains so it's quite windy.  So if you are planning to come to Japan after march, it is considered a good time to come because after june is rainy season and the weather is a bit humid. When i reach back to studio i met hiro's ottosan and he told me that the bike has been repaired, arigato gozaimasu! 

Almost all houses have garden and some of them own vegetables as well

A temple gate beside a shop

Back view of the house where i stay

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