Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 1 Trip to Fukuoka

After came back to Jakarta last month from my study at 3DSense, finally it's time to make
another journey this time to Fukuoka - Japan, i'm so excited! Just when i was about to go 
to the airport, suddenly heavy rain came. It rained so hard until i got stucked with flood 
and traffic jam for quite long. I was quite worried about getting late at the airport but 
thank God i wasn't. My first flight took about 5 hours and transit at Hongkong at 5.30 and 
i have to wait like 5 hours for my next flight to Fukuoka.
Chasing time with heavy rain and bad traffic jam

With my parents
Hongkong Airport with nice mountains at the background
Moslem food with red wine (maybe it's kinda funny 
combination but works for me tho haha)
The ticket machine

The trip from Hongkong to Fukuoka was shorter about 2 hours only. Once i get to the
international airport, I took the free transit bus to the domestic terminal which takes 
about 15 minutes. The subway station is located outside the domestic terminal. I was 
having quite some time figuring out the ticket machine, so i asked for the subway officer 
to help me buy the ticket. The trains here are very punctual (not like where i come from, 
so you just have to know what time your train arrive and the platform number. If you are 
really not sure how you can just ask someone to help you, the people here are very helpful! 

After Hiro-san (the studio Kura owner) picked me up at the station, he took me to a supermarket 
near the studio to buy my daily needs. After that Hiro-san introduced me with my friendly 
housemates, Peter and Beatrice. Peter is the residency artist who came earlier and he will have 
his own exhibition at studio Kura this weekend. With them, we had a nice dinner together
at our house and we chat a lot. Finally after traveling from morning it's time for me to take rest.

Train at Fukuoka Airport Station


It looks like a robot with  
small feet to me, don't you think?
Picked up at Ikisan Station by Hiro-san

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